Why prefer being a Carpenter or something else than a Manager?

Note this:
a. We sold 2 old ACs (more than 10 year model) to a guy who specializes in trading in old ACs. He rents out ACs during the season for Rs 5 K a month. He has 50 ACs on rent. His monthly income is Rs 2.5 L. Additionally he runs a taxi service that has 2 cabs with an approx. of Rs 50 K. Monthly income of Rs 3 L with a margin of around Rs 80 K per month

b. Hair cut in London costs £ 110. Daily income for a barber is £550. In a month he makes £15,000 atleast.

c. Our Whirlpool semi-automatic washing machine (10 yr old) required some repairs. Visiting charges Rs 100 + repairing charges Rs 250 + parts replaced charged extra. Total time taken to complete the repairs 1 hr and earning of Rs 350 (no parts replaced).

d. Electrician charges Rs 20 for every switch/holder fitted. Service charges Rs 250 min.

When all other professions have so much earning potential why are we all trying to be ‘Managers’ who actually does nothing (personal view and not generalized) and in some cases earns lesser compared to instances shared above.

What’s the learning for the ‘Manager’ in me?
Focus on developing skills like that of a carpenter, barber, painter, singer, writer, electrician, plumber etc.

My daughter asks, “Papa, what did you become?” I said, “Actually Nothing”. I could not say a ‘Manager’. She says, “It would have been better if you were a doctor.” She is right here- Doctor has more specific skills than that of a ‘Manager’.

Let me try defending the job of a ‘Manager’

Skill sets of a ‘Manager’ are:
– Ability to manage teams
– Domain knowledge
– Ability of work under pressure
– Strong work ethic
– Good Presentation skills
– Excellent communication skills
– MBA with ?#$?% specialization

How does a ‘manager’ defend his job at time of recession?
– Improved productivity of resources from X% to Y%
– Prepared 2 business plans
– Achieved TAT for reporting as decided
– Excellent client feedback
– Improved the team spirit

I think key is to have skills that are always in demand. Not something as vague as a skill set of a ‘Manager’.

Oh! I have to apply for Diploma in Creative Writing from IGNOU- undoing the manager in me.


  1. Your article indicates that you are going through many things in your mind.But my dear it is very important to connect your thinking process with your current life situations.Hope, one day you will do something for yourself and synchronize your thinking and ideas with your life.As you know that this is the only precious time which you are spending in thinking.

  2. Good… very creative thoughts, you have very aptly put words to the thoughts of many managers like me & you. At 33, I also feel that to survive & grow in this competitive world you need a skill at your disposal. As a manager, we only have an art to manage people but no skills. Let's try that our children acquire skills not art!

  3. Great thoughts ….. I completely agree…but think this also because of our faltered education system which doesn't teaches us to make the right choices in terms what our is interest and what we should be engaging ourselves in.

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