I knew but never realized

a) I am not the same as few years back in Indore. When in Indore I was more accommodating and receptive to people from different cultures. I realise that actually I discriminate and also not as flexible in thoughts as was earlier. May be a symptom of 30 +.

b) Mumbaikars seem to me calm, resolved and god loving people. In comparison Delhites are loud, harsh, aggressive and god fearing.

c) Wish I had realised earlier that I had a decent understanding of my research topic and hence should have presented the same a couple of years back.

d) Its too late for me to submit my final thesis. Job cannot be an excuse. Family can never be. Why am I not just finishing it fast? After all I am growing old

e) Kaash! I had sensed the ability to suggest solutions to people- ranging from suggestions having an implication for their career to how many copies to print for a revised thesis submission. What is more surprising the promptness in my response to such queries around?

f) I am surprised at giving a miss to the most common thing in our lives, the “common sense”

g) Strange coincidence between Peeply Live and “Gandhi” movie- the one that is a recent one and is in English. Before starting for Agra on a weekend trip read the blog post of my friend on Peeply live (new Bollywood movie) where he talked about the connect that it makes to the real India- one that is poor and still simplicity is common. I am no longer simple…Will I be someday again?

In the movie Gandhi, Gandhi ji makes a statement (may be his first public speech just after Md. Jinnah delivers his in the movie). Gandhi ji says that he has been travelling across India over the last few months by train and the more he experiences it the more remains to be known. He states that independence is not shifting of power from British to few rich Indians. Its about the poor of India. Agitation that does not connect with the poor is not a freedom movement in true sense. India will be considered free when every poor in the country has feels it. He was so right, I realize it now and even more having read his book, “My experiments with truth”.

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  1. You are absolutely right that you have changed alot and that is the only worry about you as a person.Years back in Indore we use to recieve people with love but the bitter experiences in your life forced you not to believe others and feeling that people around you are bad and only want to take advantage of you.But my dear you were at fault too as you always connected with people more emotionally and emotions always have to pay a higher price.Important is that you should never change, as this innocence of yours is the only thing which differentiate you from others.So go ahead…. and be receptive again….:)

    Try to listen to your friend Monica carefully as its being years that she was telling you that few traits in you are inborn and there is no need to put efforts to that.So again go ahead and complete your thesis before time and be a Doctor soon….

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