I Wonder..

1. I wonder if occasional preaching to my kids will help them in their life especially when I am short of spending quality time with them.

2. I wonder the amount of extra moisturizing cream a bald person may end-up using.

3. I wonder if work was such a good thing then why did the rich not keep it to themselves. (Quoted by an American Author)

4. If 9 out 10 Dentists recommend Oral-B toothpaste to be best, I wonder why the 10th one did not agree. 

5. I wonder why “Knowledge” is better if  shared but “Information” retained.

6. “People respond to incentives” is an established fact in behavioral economics. When we know this, I wonder why we keep pretending not to be doing so.

7. Its a pleasant feeling to have women amongst we men whether at work or home. I wonder then how can a few amongst we men can molest a woman.

8. We always have time to do what we enjoy the most but never have time for what is must to do. I wonder..

9. I wonder why will I rent an expensive painting to display at home when I can never afford to buy it.

10. Writing is one of the best and effective modes of communication. I wonder why we are not making most of it.

A New Year 2014- Hope and Destiny

It was 4 years back when we were awake till mid-night on new year eve. Then we had our family friends visiting us and we were all tugged under a rug watching TV and talking. Yesterday night, our kids had slept by 10:30 pm and Monica and I were awake well past mid-night to Monica’s amazement since I usually fall asleep by 10 pm. The celebrations in our neighborhood were on and we were able to listen to the latest hits from Bollywood being played. We munched on some Haldiram Namkeen and then veg noodles with manchurian for Dinner.

Dates on the calendar are like steps that we walk through during our lives. I tried hard to refresh my memory for each month of the year 2013. Some I remembered quite well while some I could not relate to fully. In the interim, I was also reading new year messages from friends wishing me prosperity and happiness. So what is it that I as an individual hope to strive for in 2014? Its one more year to my life. 

1976 was my first year on earth, 1993 was when I left my parents to study at Chandigarh, 1995 was when I had to leave for Indore to set my career in right direction, 2001 was when I completed my MBA and then for 4 months worried for my first break. In August 2001, I was a lecturer at a college and fathered my first child. 2004 was when I set-off to Mumbai for my Fellow Program at NITIE. I had to leave my kid and Monica with parents at Jamshedpur. In 2005 we reunited at Mumbai. 2008 was a year when we headed to Delhi, giving up on Mumbai permanently. 2011 I was quitting my job at Denave to join a battery manufacturing company- my current employer. 

For some years now, I relate to every year with the festivals linked to Lord Shiva’s and Lord Rama. We start with Shivratri then Chaitra Navratras. Ganesh Chaturthi post monsoons and then Dandiya- Navratri before the onset of winters. Dusshera marks victory for Lord Rama and his return journey to Ayodhya when Diwali is celebrated. Post Diwali, hopes of a great next year, pleasant weather during winters and new year keep me happy and excited. 

Everything that we have lived through can be ascribed to our destiny but when it comes to future we build hope, usually, on pillars of Dreams, Desires and Determination. 

So wishing you all a very Happy New Year- Between Hope and Destiny.