I Wonder – Series 2

11. I wonder why i believe the wealthiness of a person is directly proportional to fairness of his/her skin.

12. I wonder why we complain for lack of cleanliness of toilets in trains when we are the ones to be blamed for its improper use.

13. I wonder why more traffic on Mondays and Fridays

14. Brushing gently and vertically is right way still I wonder why majority of us never learnt it.

15. Gujarat is a dry state. I wonder what would be the cost of a bottle of liquor here.

16. Love is better expressed through actions. I wonder why we all still expect an avowal statement “I Love You”.

17. I wonder why one gets more likes on pics than on content or update shared online. Is it ease of a quick glance and clicking “like” more out of habit?

18. I wonder if quantum of work is inversely proportional to time available.

19. I wonder if cycling will ever be a national sport of India.

20. I wonder why as a father I have to put up a stolid expression on my face.