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First day of 69th Indpendence Day (India)

August 15 1947 was the first Indpendence Day of India and it was celebrated by unfurling the National flag at Red Fort- a historical monument in India.

Today i.e. August 16 2015, I decided to visit the Red Fort and its surrounding area to click pictures as- first day of 69th Indpendence Day. The clicks below depict what I saw:


Forget Risk, keep hope

I ‘hope’ transforming my life completely one day. But ‘uncertain’ why, if it happens, and how. As a teenager, I had a hope to have an intense love affair. When it did happen, I was losing those special moments worrying about uncertainties. 
As humans we keep shifting from ‘hope’ to ‘uncertainty’. Till we are uncertain, we focus on our actions and have faith in almighty. I was a worshipper when I was uncertain. But today, I have defined my uncertainties as ‘risk’. And hence, believing in taking preventive measures. 

Quoting Paul Slovic, “Risk does not exist out there, independent of our minds and culture, waiting to be measured. Human beings have invented the concept of risk to help them understand and cope with uncertainties of life. Although these dangers are real, there is no such thing as ‘real risk’ or objective risk.”

If risk is not objective then why not live with ‘hope’ that signifies optimism.? Why not forget about any uncertainty and just keep moving? Its like living in present tense.

My status on Facebook in 2010 reads, “I define my life as a markov chain- next state contingent only on current state”. 

A Day at Hospital

I am seated in the lounge at Gate no 6 in Apollo Hospital. The event of 2010 when Monica was seriously ill were getting refreshed in memories. The odor mixed with the air from air-conditioners lacked any freshness, patients being carried around in wheel chairs, the rush at the OPD and the gloomy environs at the waiting lobby in IPD (In-patient Department). The doors of two lifts openend and closed with no end to the job of carrying patients. 

I was busy drawing comparisons to the incident in August 2010 and reviewing my own state of mind. She is today at hospital for a surgical procedure. She will be home by 8 pm in night.


Few things never change when you are at hospital. Its more unlikely to see people smiling, walking straight, cheering and chatting recklessly. We are more likely to see patients being moved around in stretchers, doctors in white coats with stethoscope around their necks and family members lost in worries even when they are munching on some snacks or sipping coffee at the food outlets in motionless state with only jaws moving. 
I get to meet an elderly lady who is bed-ridden for 9 months but she is not ready to consider amuptation of her one of her leg. The husband on the attendant bed adjacent to her took turns to stare at the TV or his mobile phone. He must be spending his days for months like this.
My day at the hospital ended on a happy note and with pledge to take best possible care of my and my families health. 


Buffalo Theory concepts to building an efficient team

‘Dead wood’ was the term used for defining and addressing the problem of non-achievement of sales targets. Sales team ‘A’ was giving a presentation to management and they had the data to explain why compared to other sales teams their team was not able to achieve the targets and be the best sales team.

The average sales per person was one of the statistics used by them to highlight how the no of sales persons below the average sales were more in count than the best performers. They outlined their goal to be the best sales team in next 12 months but this will need the ‘Dead wood’ replaced by performing ones.

The moment we face a situation where the non-performers are to be weeded out of the system, the challenge is to replace them with the best ones by hiring better than the average performers. But the fact is ” ‘C’ level manager will never hire a ‘A’ level talent.” So ultimately (most likely outcome from ‘C’ level managers), they talked about a performance linked incentive-disincentive system that is likely to help them get rid out of ‘Dead Woods’.

The whole process of corrective action here is premised on a wrong problem identification. Ultimately the use of ‘Buffalo Theory’ comes where the ‘C’ level managers are able to sacrifice the weakest among them and still continue to survive in the system. Though, with a basic premise that they will one day be the best as a team. But then they will be best only if they hire someone better than themselves.

My status update on Facebook on Aug 1 2009 read, “It seems my weaker brain cells are have grown in nos since last few days; its time to follow Buffalo theory. What ‘Buffalo theory’ states is that in a jungle a group of buffalos is as good as the weakest in their group. The weakest is the first one to get killed and hence they hope to be the best over time. 

This is strangely linked to benefits of alcohol as well where the weakest brain cells are killed before the best ones and hence promoting the consumption of alcohol discreetly.

Will the team ever build a team of horses when they are all buffaloes?