What I am upto

I have lived across 5 cities in India. Starting from Jamshedpur in East, Chandigarh (North), Indore (Central India), Mumbai (West) and now in Delhi since 2008. Over the years I have been successful in curbing my addictions to meaningless browsing on internet or watching television. Blogging has helped me be more meditative. My style of expression and clarity of thought has improved me as a person.

Professionally I work as Finance-cum-Strategy guy but turning out to be more of an all rounder rather than a specialist. On personal fronts, I love photography and cycling as sport.

In this blog, I have created 3 categories:

1. On life and relations- this is more directed towards the emotional side of me. Not very rational and some of the topics that I wrote on are quite personal to me.

2. On Business- This is more of  a rationale side where I try to express my understanding of the business world and related topics

3. On photography and Cycling- Here I have uploaded some clicks using my DSLR and my attempt to regain fitness via cycling. I have cycled more than 6000 kms since I started cycling 2 years back.


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